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[Teaser] Hier & Jetzt Festival 2023.
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Updated May 2023
Location Berlin, Germany.
Topics Advertising, Art, Festival, Film
Promo video produced for H&J 2023.

About the Festival:

With the Hier & Jetzt Festival, we want to create a special space for children and their families that explores interpersonal interactions and forms of playful learning. It is an imaginative and experiential place to immerse and grow, where families can draw strength and express themselves in various ways. The focus is on experience and exchange, so children can try out and reflect on their creative processes - both in the city and in nature. Here, families are encouraged to unwind from everyday stresses and worries and to be inspired and acted out by participating in a variety of cultural formats. In cooperation with developmental, movement-oriented, and political educational offers as well as activities, we will support both children and parents in approaching overall social topics in a self-determined and self-effective way. With great respect and love for the environment and culture, the Hier & Jetzt Festival invites families to explore and create art, theater, dance, music, city, nature, present, and future together across generations.

Pablo Hassmann

Visual Storyteller from Latin America focused on Migrations, Arts, & Cultures. Currently available for commissions, collaborations, & cultural projects.
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